Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio

You can invest in companies which are actively making a positive contribution to a sustainable future

What is the Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio?

The Mid-Cap portfolio is ideal for investors who hold strong ethical values and would like to invest in small and medium sized companies.

It’s the perfect mix of long-term growth opportunities with some income, created to outperform the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Index over the long term, while providing access to companies which meet strict environmental and socially responsible standards.

The Mid-Cap portfolio specifically targets investments with positive environmental or social aspects, and excludes investments which damage the environment or cause harm to society.

A key focus of the portfolio is to find companies which are involved in positive environmental activities or which provide benefits to society, such as healthcare, renewable energy, energy efficiency and technology, food, water, sustainable agriculture, education, community development and social welfare.


Looking for a positive change?

Calculate your Impact

Our Impact Calculator gives you the ability to see the tangible, real-world impact your money is having on the environment and society.

Independent Analyst, Mark Forstmann, discusses the Mid-Cap Portfolio

The Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio recognised as a Responsible Investment Leader


The Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio has been recognised as a Responsible Investment Leader by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA).  This acknowledges our commitment to investing responsibly; ensuring no harm to the environment or society in the investments we purchase, our transparency of investments and fees, a clear ethical charter and seeking investments that have a positive environmental or social impact.

Karen McLeod discusses the Mid-Cap Portfolio

Why Invest in the Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio 


Ethical Advisers Funds Management are highly qualified to construct portfolios designed to meet ethical needs while generating a strong return

Meets Expectations

According to RIAA*, 9 in 10 Australians expect their money to be managed with social and environmental impacts taken into consideration.

Future Proof

Excluding investments in areas such as oil and coal, and targeting investments in emerging areas in sustainable technology, healthcare and renewable energy will help future proof your portfolio.

Unique Offering

This is a first of its kind managed portfolio, providing access to investments which are actively making a positive contribution to a sustainable future.


Companies in the Portfolio

Below are examples of the types of investments we select for the Mid-Cap portfolio. 

Meridian Energy – Renewable Energy

Meridian Energy Limited is a New Zealand based company which generates 100% renewable energy. It generates the largest proportion of New Zealand’s electricity and provides electricity to customers including homes, businesses and farms in New Zealand and Australia, and provides metering, dam consultancy and insurance services. Meridian Energy operates seven hydro stations and ten wind farms in New Zealand and Australia.

Ingenia Communities Group –Sustainable Living

Ingenia Communities Group owns, manages and develops a diversified portfolio of seniors living communities across Australia. Its real estate assets are valued at $224 million and include rental villages, deferred management fee villages, Manufactured Home Estates and three New Zealand student accommodation buildings.

Genex Power – Renewable Energy

Genex Power is an Australian public company focused on the production and storage of renewable energy. Genex is currently developing three innovative clean energy projects located in Northern Queensland.

Arena REIT – Social Infrastructure

Arena REIT manages and develops social infrastructure property assets across Australia. The properties are leased over the long-term to a diversified tenant base in the childcare and healthcare sectors. The company is also a fund manager with a strong track record in the management of unlisted funds that invest in the healthcare property sector..


How can I invest?

The Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio is currently available in superannuation and investment on the Hub24, Dash and Praemium platforms. If you are interested in investing in the portfolio, please speak to your financial adviser, or Contact Us.

The Ethical Investment Mid-Cap Portfolio has been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia according to the strict operational and disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. See for details.1
1. The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial product advice. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends to any person that any financial product is a suitable investment or that returns are guaranteed. Appropriate professional advice should be sought prior to making an investment decision. RIAA does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.

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